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About the Aitkin County Northwoods ATV Trail

What is the Aitkin County Northwoods ATV Trail; The Northwoods ATV Trail is actually a system of trails that are accessed from various places along the Soo-Line Trail. All told, Aitkin County alone has 207 miles of connected, maintained ATV Trails as part of the greater Northwoods ATV Trails System.

Features; The Northwoods ATV Trail System is a Family Touring Trail with limited “mudding” type of opportunities. The system is made up of multiple linking trails encompassing an area the size of the State of Delaware. Great care was taken in the design and constructions of the trail system to take advantage of Aitkin County’s Scenic Beauty yet have a low impact on our environment. Some of these features include;

Trail Towns; The Aitkin County Trail Towns of McGrath, Lawler, McGregor, Palisade, Hill City and Jacobson welcome you to the Aitkin County Northwoods ATV Trail System. From trail heads and parking lots located in the Trail Town communities you find marked routes to establishments offering food, fuel and other amenities.

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