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Trail Maps

Northwood’s ATV Trail System Map  Click here to see a map of the entire Northwood’s ATV Trail network. Click on the links below to find individual loop or connector trails.

Red Top Trail Map, approximately 22 miles of looped trails off the South Soo Line with a skills challenge among the several loops. The Red Top Trial is also connected to the Snake River Campground.

Solana Forest Loop A narrow winding trail through the beautiful Solana State Forest, approximately 19 miles. You will encounter a variety of scenery as you wind in and out of the forest and wetlands.

Lawler Loop, North and South This segment is just out of the community of Lawler. The trail consists of three loops and travels North and South of the Soo Line Trail. The loops cover 16 miles of a variety of terrain and forest cover types. There are picnic spots with tables and grills for riders to enjoy their lunch or just stop and relax.

Blind Lake Loop and Blind Lake Connector Trail. The Blind Lake Trails offer 36 miles of riding through a wide variety of scenery. There are three parking accesses to the trail as well as accessing it off of the Soo Line. Points of interest include the Brown’s Lake Shelter and several remote lakes and ponds.

Blind Lake Loop        Blind Lake Connector

Hill City Connector Trail This 15 mile Trail will take you from the Soo Line near Swatara to Quadna Mountain Park the Rabey Line and to the City of Hill City. Before reaching the steep hills and hardwood forests of the Quadna Mountain area, you will cross over 600 feet of boardwalk leading up to the Willow River Bridge crossing and picnic area.

Rabey Line Trail Access off the Hill City connector this 20 mile stretch will take you to Jacobson and the Jacobson County Park Campground and Wayside Rest. The Rabey Line is also where you access the UPM Blandin Trail. Future plans call for this trail to connect to the Alborn Trail in Itasca County.

UPM Blandin Trail Once you get to Washburn Lake on the Rabey Line Trail, you can travel north into Itasca County on this 20 mile trail. Forests, rivers and streams define this scenic trail.

Moose River Connector Starting off of the Soo Line north of Swatara, this 7 mile stretch of trail will bring you to the Moose River Trails in Cass County and the 35 miles of forest trails they have to offer.

Trail Mileages’

• Isle to McGrath, 11.5 miles
• Lawler to McGregor, 8.1 miles
• Lawler to Moose Lake, 20 miles
• McGregor to Palisade, 11.6 miles
• Palisade to Swatara, 15.4 miles
• Swatara to Shovel Lake, 5.7 miles
• Hill City to Jacobson, 18.4 miles
• Shovel Lake to Remer, 10.4 miles

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